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McNall and Goodenow Scamming NHL Players

November 19, 1994

OK, let me get this straight. Bruce McNall defrauds the banks of millions of dollars so that he can keep up his grandiose lifestyle. Then, when he runs out of bank money, he takes our hard-earned money from Senate seat sales and uses that to keep his scam going. Then he gets caught, thanks to the conscience of only one executive over there at the McNall organization (who, by the way, seems to have gotten a worse deal than some of his other executives, we know not why). And now, he is resigning in name only from the Kings, so that we fans will think he has some conscience of his own, when in fact he is getting paid $54,000 a month plus bonuses until 2001 to do nothing.

I wonder how the players feel about dipping into their savings to live day to day, while McNall is cashing in on this deal he struck with (Jeffrey) Sudikoff and (Joe) Cohen when he knew his house of cards was coming down? Isn't there something wrong with this picture? How do we explain to our young hockey fans that crime pays?


Beverly Hills


Mr. (Bob) Goodenow has to be the greatest salesman I have seen in 20 years as a purchasing agent. He has managed to convince 700 players of diverse incomes, social backgrounds and languages to agree not to accept any form of salary cap. Truly amazing when you realize that by not playing they have, in fact, accepted the ultimate salary cap.



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