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November 20, 1994

Regarding "What's the Frequency, Gen X?" by Claudia Puig (Nov. 6):

Maybe it's just that Ruben Navarrette and Tavis Smiley haven't been on the planet long enough to have developed the perspective and life experiences that would make for a more interesting and successful show.

I've listened to their "Twenty-something Talk" on many occasions. More often than not, I find it a tough go. So far, at least to these ears, it's all been emotion and grad-school platitudes with little substance.

One reason is their chronic habit of discussing topics only in light of their own narrow racial or cultural agendas. Another is a palpable lack of humor, wit or whimsy in their manner of speech and interaction with callers.

The cover shot of the two sums up their show: gruff demeanors and a lot of finger-pointing.




Good article on Smiley and Navarrette. Now let me get this straight: They are drawing 6,567 listeners per quarter-hour, and Larry Elders, a black conservative, is drawing 33,600 listeners per quarter-hour. Yet liberals Smiley and Navarrette get the Calender cover story, not Elders. Why am I not surprised?


Los Angeles

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