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Learning Languages

November 20, 1994

* Re "Learn a Language? It's Elementary," Nov. 11:

When inner-city children as young as 6 years old are learning to speak Chinese, Japanese and Russian, why are we spending millions of dollars in sorely needed tax revenues to translate everything into Spanish for our Latino population?


Chino Hills

* The article dealing with the success of the Marvin Avenue Language Magnet Center in teaching English-speaking children a foreign language seems to indicate that this is the approach that should be used in teaching English to our non-English-speaking children.

I believe it is universally accepted that the optimum time to efficiently learn a foreign language is from ages 0 to 7 years. Why then do we persist in placing children in classes where they are taught in their native tongue (usually Spanish), and missing out on utilizing the years where they could learn English so easily?



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