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Prop. 187: Illegal Immigrants and Scapegoats

November 24, 1994

The kids came by this morning shouting, "187--no." I applaud them.

They are not thinking money, as so many adults do. They may not even think about the gangsters, who, with nothing to do all day, may be waiting to jump them when school lets out.

They are thinking about people: their friends and buddies, who are being given a dirty deal.

Some of these friends may get sick and be denied medical attention.

They think of fellow students, some outstanding, who will be cheated out of the rest of their education.

They think about hard-working mothers and fathers who may lose their jobs.

When I was their age, a gentleman named Adolf Hitler decided to blame all the nation's troubles on the Jews. Jews had to be specially identified. Teachers and others who helped them were severely punished.

An old Jewish friend who spent time in Auschwitz told me that every morning the stench of human fat stunk up the barracks, and you wondered who it was that you would never see again.

Lots of my wartime buddies lost their lives driving this evil man from power.

But he's back. Adolf Wilson blames all our troubles on poor illegal immigrants, many of whom are working hard to make this a better country.

When I came to Carson, 11-year-old Victor folded and prepared 2,000 flyers for me. No other kid has ever worked so fast or thoroughly.

He was illegal. He's back in Mexico now. But whether he's American or Mexican, he was a wonderful little kid.



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