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November 25, 1994

Pizza Rest

Thanksgiving Eve is the third biggest day of the year for Domino's Pizza, which delivered about 62% more pizzas nationwide the day before yesterday than on your average Wednesday. Obviously, on the two bigger pizza-ordering days--Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Day--people eat pizza because they're doing other things, but why Thanksgiving Eve? "It's as if they're resting up for the big day ahead," guesses spokesman Tim McIntyre.

It Just Gives Me a Warm Feeling

Dat'l Do-It is a line of condiments based on the extremely hot datil pepper, grown only around St. Augustine, Fla. The company farms its own peppers--on platforms three feet above the ground, for easier picking (in a charitable spirit, it has contracted to have the harvesting done by the American Assn. of Retarded Citizens). Available from hot-sauce boutiques and catalogs, or directly from Dat'l Do-It at (800) HOT-DATL.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christopher Ranch, the biggest garlic producer in Gilroy, Calif., is opening a garlic store in Orange County--but only for the holiday season. From now until Dec. 31 they will be selling garlic braids and gift baskets, garlic peelers, garlic-faced clocks and lots and lots of garlic and chile pepper condiments at the South Coast Plaza Crystal Court, 3333 Bear St., Costa Mesa (just follow your nose).

Oaw!: Dogs Call for It by Name

And you thought Americans get silly about their animals. Among the pet foods being sold in Europe, the Wall Street Journal reports, are dog breakfast food (supposed to eliminate canine morning breath), a garnish called Whiskas Crunch that you're supposed to sprinkle on food to pique your cat's appetite, gourmet pet foods in baby-food-type jars, and even Oaw!, an "alcohol-free beer" for dogs--actually a vitamin drink.

Why Breadfast?

India is a major milk-producing and grain-consuming country. What American cereal companies are trying to figure out is why only 3.2% of Indian households in big cities (forget about the little villages) eat American-style breakfast cereal. Most breakfast on one or another kind of bread.

Ahwahnee Eats

The Ahwahnee's Chefs' Holiday brings chefs, winemakers and food lovers together every year at the famous old Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. The seminars are free (if you reserve in advance) for anyone who visits the park when they're going on. The first holiday, featuring winemakers, takes place just before Christmas, and eight more follow in January. For information, call the Yosemite Chefs' Holiday Hotline at (209) 454-0707, or write Yosemite Chefs' Holiday, 5410 E. Home Ave., Fresno, Calif. 93727.

Sticky Scissors

Rocky road ice cream just turned 65. In the autumn of 1929, a few weeks after the stock market crash, the founders of the young Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream company invented it by adding almonds (they originally tried walnuts, which were too bitter) and marshmallows to ice cream. At the time, there were no miniature marshmallows, so they had to cut up regular ones with their wives' sewing scissors.

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