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North Exposure

November 27, 1994

Oliver North ("The Democrats' Ultimate Nightmare," by Nina J. Easton, Oct. 23), is a thief (he admits stealing and shredding government documents), a liar (he admits lying to Congress) and a traitor (he sold weapons to a country, Iran, that had kidnaped and imprisoned U.S. citizens). He broke the law by sending profits from the illegal sale to the exiled army of the ousted dictator of Nicaragua. Then the unrepentant North wanted to join the Congress he scorned.

The Christian coalition that raised millions for North's campaign presents a warning to all Americans, and especially to mainstream Christians, that a right-wing force bordering on neo-Fascism poses an increasing threat to the nation.

Robert B. McLaren

Professor, School of Human Development

Cal State Fullerton


My chief objection to the article about North is its obvious prejudice against him. Whenever something good was said about him the author dismissed it as part of the North myth. His detractors were given whole paragraphs while those who supported him were given sentences. And you failed to do a similar story on his Senate opponent, Charles S. Robb.

In publishing the North article, you appeared to be taking part in the usual flood of pro-Democrat free publicity that we see each election.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Claxton


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