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A summary of selected City Hall actions this week affecting central Los Angeles. : CITY COUNCIL

November 27, 1994|MICHAEL KRIKORIAN

ARLINGTON AVENUE: Approved the transfer of $1.2 million in special project funds for the 10th Council District to reconstruct Arlington Avenue from the Santa Monica Freeway south to Jefferson Boulevard. The funds had been earmarked for resurfacing a bumpy stretch of Normandie Avenue between Olympic and Pico boulevards. But because that project won't start for at least a year, the money was transferred to the Arlington project, on which work is to begin by the end of January. The pavement on Arlington, said by street maintenance officials to be among the worst in the city, will be taken out, the base rebuilt and new pavement added. In addition, the notorious "double dip" section of Arlington near 26th Place, two steep elevation changes within 50 feet of each other, is to be smoothed out.

* HARVARD HEIGHTS: Authorized the city engineer to allow the Harvard Heights Neighborhood Assn. to install a stone monument at the corner of Westmoreland and Washington boulevards to mark the entrance to the Harvard Heights neighborhood. The seven-foot-high, pyramid-shaped stone had been used as a stand for a street light, but for years has been stored by the Bureau of Street Lighting. It will be installed, without the light, with money collected by the neighborhood association.

* WILLING WORKERS: Authorized the Community Development Department to issue a $200,000 grant to Willing Workers Inc. for the rehabilitation of its facility at 4813 W. Washington Blvd. Founded in 1969, the nonprofit group provides counseling and job training services to 150 mentally disabled adults. The building renovation includes the replacement of the roof, repair of metal eaves and modification of bathroom facilities to accommodate disabled people.

* REWARDS ISSUED: Approved the payment of $15,000 to one witness and $10,000 to a second whose testimonies were vital to the first-degree murder convictions of two men who stabbed Kalpesh Vardhan to death on Aug. 19, 1992, at 808 S. Olive St.


How South-Central and Eastside City Council representatives voted on selected issues.

* BUILDING REPAIR: Approved a motion that allows repair work at a city-owned building leased by the YMCA at 404 S. Bixel to be done by private contractors rather than by the city. The building will house the Youth Fair Chance Demonstration Project, a $3-million federal job-training project for adults ages 18 to 30. The reason for the motion was that the city needs to expedite the project to be eligible for further funding. Private contractors, according to those backing the motion, would do the work more quickly and economically. Passed 12-0. Voting yes: Jackie Goldberg, Mike Hernandez, Nate Holden, Rudy Svorinich Jr. Absent: Richard Alatorre, Rita Walters.

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