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School Lunchtime

November 27, 1994

If Remigio Sparks ("Only the Swift Get Lunch," Voices, Nov. 14) can write with such wit and clarity while he is still in high school, you need him. Hire him the very second he graduates.




Sparks' ridiculous diatribe regarding the difficulty students have in getting their lunch at Inglewood High School, eating, visiting with other students and returning to class on time--eloquent as his presentation may be--is as flat as a bad hair day.

Mr. Sparks, have you and/or the rest of the 1,800 students at Inglewood High School ever considered packing your lunch? Or is that far too pedestrian for you and your argument, exposed as the vacuum that it is?

Perhaps one may consider focusing upon the solution and give less energy to the problem.


Long Beach

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