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More Horrors

November 27, 1994

After reading "The Apple's Revenge" ("Travel Horrors," Oct. 30), I can tell you the same thing happened to us right here in Beverly Hills. On the way in for a weekend stay, we stopped for lunch, and when we arrived at the hotel a few blocks away, the bellman observed an empty car trunk--gone were all of our night wear and formal clothing, as well as the gift for the celebration we were to attend.

The Beverly Hills Police should know us well. Last year, we reported to them a hit-and-run driver who sideswiped our new car. So let's stop tearing at New York City. We love the Big Apple and we go there for the best theater, opera, ballet, concerts, museums, food and excitement--not the kind that needs to be reported to the police!




My sympathies to Jon and Marissa Thurber; I can relate to their plight quite well ("Paradise Lost"). My wife, my daughter, her fiance and I were in Honolulu about the same time and we were holed up for the last 2 1/2 days of the storm. It rained 11 inches near Hanauma Bay in 24 hours.

We tried our best one day to sightsee. But, after a very wet lunch, we went back to the hotel. We barely made it back when they closed the Like Like Highway, due to flooding. The fourth day was finally clear and we made our way to the beach, only to find 2 or 3 million of our closest friends.

It's too bad the Thurbers couldn't have stayed longer because the next four days were picture perfect.



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