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Sen. Jesse Helms

November 29, 1994

Freedom of speech. We here in the United States have fought and died for the privilege of freedom of speech. That freedom does not extend to yelling "Fire!" when there is no fire in a crowded place. Yet Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) is allowed to say whatever comes out of his mouth regardless of the impact it may have on others (Nov. 23). This time he has gone too far. To threaten the President is to threaten us all. How dare he!

To think that he might be heading the Foreign Relations Committee is an affront to any of us who has lost a loved one in past conflicts defending our freedoms. Not only should he be censured, but he should be thrown out of the Senate. He and his venomous words set the lowest examples for our youth.

Shame on you, Sen. Helms, and anyone who agrees with your blatant, evil words.


Los Angeles

One of the more depressing characteristics of the right wing in this country is their inability, when faced with a problem, to come up with a solution that doesn't involve killing someone. The latest example comes from Helms, who literally threatened the President's life.

It is easy to understand Americans' frustration with Congress. It's impossible to understand a response to that frustration that puts a mindless twit like Helms at the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It's clear that we're poised for a great leap backward--but to 1984 or 1936?


Long Beach

I wonder if Sen. Helms would tell us his definition of the word treason .



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