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Trivia: News Quiz

January 01, 1995|Anna Cekola. Contributors: Mike Boehm, Alicia Di Rado, Zan Dubin, Steve Emmons, David Haldane, Martin Henderson, Rene Lynch, Tom McQueeney, Jodi Wilgoren

It's been a year of baffling questions, but perhaps none has been more vexing than how one of the nation's most affluent counties could end up in bankruptcy. Other issues also made the news during the past year. We explore them in depth here with The Times Orange County 8th Annual News Trivia Quiz. Don't worry, a degree in accounting or expertise in derivatives and reverse repos isn't necessary for this little exercise. High scorers can take pride in their wealth of information, one we hope will remain solvent for the coming year.

1. What were among the first budget casualties after Orange County declared bankruptcy? A. Kleenex was no longer provided at the Municipal Court building in Fullerton B. Janitors were laid off at a South County school district C. Christmas carolers did not sing at John Wayne Airport D. All of the above

2. Which item was not found in a fleeing O.J. Simpson's white For d Bronco after he passed through Orange County with authorities in hot pursuit? A. A passport B. About $8,000 C. A fake beard and mustache D. A Spanish-English dictionary

3. Anthony Maglica was ordered by a jury in a palimony trial to pay $84 million to a woman with whom he lived, worked and shared his name for more than 20 years. They made their fortune manufacturing: A. MagnaDoodles, children's magnetic drawing boards B. Magnalite cookware C. Mag-Lite flashlights D. .357-Magnum revolvers

4. Which ride did Disneyland close, citing declining popularity and the need to shift workers to other attractions? A. Captain Eo B. Skyway C. Mad Tea Party D. PeopleMover

5. After months of contentious debate, voters in November cleared the way for what type of development at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, which is scheduled for closure in 1999? A. Disney's historic theme park B. A maximum-security prison C. A commercial airport D. A new planned community to be called Pentagon Pointe

6. At Brea Olinda High School, guidance counselors tried to help students get into better colleges by: A. Bribing admissions officers B. Improperly changing computer records to help boost grade-point averages C. Writing application essays on their behalf D. Helping them cheat on the Scholastic Aptitude Test

7. Anna Famalaro, the mother of the handyman accused of killing 23-year-old Denise Huber and stashing her body in a freezer for three years, tried to raise money for her son's defense by: A. Selling the exclusive rights to the story to Hollywood B. Painting houses C. Organizing a country club luncheon benefit D. Selling her son's paint and tools at a makeshift garage sale

8. What book did some parents in Anaheim want removed from the high school reading list? A. The Bible B. "Catcher in the Rye" C. "Ordinary People" D. "Wifey"

9. Heiress Joan Irvine Smith was so unhappy with her son's choice of a bride that she: A. Refused to attend the wedding B. Promised to disown him, cutting him off from a multimillion-dollar fortune C. Early in the relationship, took her future daughter-in-law on an all-expense paid shopping trip to Rodeo Drive, complete with limousine, a la "Pretty Woman" D. All of the above

10. Marking an important symbolic victory for California's efforts to keep businesses from leaving, which Orange County-based fast-food chain announced it would stay? A. Carl's Jr. B. Taco Bell C. El Pollo Loco D. In-N-Out

11. Which exhibition boasted the sole record-breaking attendance figure for an Orange County cultural institution this past year? A. Laguna Art Museum's exhibit of artwork crafted from the ruins of of the city's firestorm B. Newport Harbor Art Museum's exhibit showcasing leading American craft artists C. Fullerton Museum Center's exhibit about pioneer electric guitar designer Leo Fender D. Bowers Museum of Cultural Art's exhibit of seven decades of modern Mexican art

12. In a bogus confession to authorities, a transient said he started the devastating 1993 Laguna Beach firestorm because: A. He was unable to douse a campfire he had started to keep warm B. He wanted to conjure up a demon king named Gotam C. He was suffering from temporary insanity D. He accidentally dropped a match while smoking and drinking with friends

13. A teen-ager sentenced to life in prison without parole for the 1992 New Year's Eve slaying of fellow student Stuart A. Tay said one of the following books influenced him to kill: A. "Helter Skelter," by Vincent Bugliosi. B. "Catcher in the Rye," by J.D. Salinger. C. "The Stranger," by Albert Camus. D. "Beyond Good and Evil," by Friedrich Nietzsche.

14. What is the name of the Orange County punk rock band whose hit album, "Smash," sold more than 4 million copies worldwide during 1994? A. Offspring B. Green Day C. Social Distortion D. The New Monkees

15. Which of these pop stars did not command a top ticket price of at least $100 for Orange County performances during 1994? A. Barbra Streisand B. The Eagles C. Bette Midler D. Elton John

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