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A Peek Into Reporter' Diaries for 1995

January 03, 1995

Teresa Watanabe / Tokyo

Call Foreign Ministry on plans for Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama's meeting with President Clinton Jan. 11 in Washington. . . . Check out possible Feb. 23 press trip to Iwo Jima for 50th anniversary of the battle. Confirm with U.S. Embassy.

May 1-5: Golden Week. Toei Studio debuts next Power Ranger generation. "King Rangers." Interview? . . . July: Start booking appointments for Hiroshima story. Confirm hotel and Shinkansen train tickets. Anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb is Aug. 6.

Inquire about credentials and press hotel for APEC summit meeting in Osaka Nov. 16-19. Crown Princess Masako's 32nd birthday is Dec. 9. Check women's weeklies for latest palace gossip.

Bob Drogin / Johannesburg

Get vaccinations and visa to check cease-fire in Angola. . . . South Africa's new Constitutional Court opens Feb. 15. . . . Book flight/hotel for opening of Parliament in Cape Town on Feb. 17. . . . Come back for first South African concert by the Rolling Stones: Feb. 24. . . . Read up on royals: Queen Elizabeth visits March 19-25. . . . Anniversary of election that ended white rule in South Africa: April 27. . . . First local elections in South Africa: October. . . . Check expected elections in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

William Tuohy / London

Keep a close watch on political scene. No national elections required until spring of 1996, but government defeats in the House of Commons could force a premature ballot in 1995. Promises to be a rough political year. . . . Same might be said for Ireland, where a new coalition under Fine Gael has replaced that led by Finna Fail. The three-party troika is shaky and could fall this year, given the grudge-bearing nature of Irish politics. . . . Watch the Royal Family. The younger ones just can't seem to get it right, and this may be the year when the Prince and Princess of Wales formally announce plans to divorce. Because of her wayward children, Queen Elizabeth II has no intention of stepping aside.

Tyler Marshall / Brussels

Brussels year begins this week with European Union's enlargement from 12 to 15 countries as Austria, Finland and Sweden officially become members. At same time, the EU's six-month rotating presidency moves from Germany to France, and with that thoughts of warmer weather and the EU summit June 26-27 in Cannes. . . . Keep eye on NATO. Its plans for covering possible emergency withdrawal of U.N. Protection Force from Bosnia-Herzegovina scheduled for completion early this month. Willy Claes begins the customary visits of an incoming NATO secretary general to capitals of the alliance's 16 member nations. . . . Jan. 18 marks the end of the remarkable reign of Jacques Delors, whose 10 years as president of the European Commission saw the revival of West European integration and a significant shift of political power from national capitals to Brussels. . . . Feb. 25-26, the G-7 nations hold a ministerial conference in Brussels on the Information Society. . . . March 26, all border controls between nine EU states are scheduled to end as the Schengen Agreement comes into effect allowing individuals to move freely between nine countries--France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Spain and Portugal. . . . Check date for September or October. The EU is scheduled to conduct a special conference on Mediterranean affairs in Barcelona, part of the Union's compensation to its southern members for providing aid and next-entry status to the former Communist states of Central and Eastern Europe.

William D. Montalbano / Rome

Jan. 3: Get shots for Pope's trip to Asia and take stock of chaotic Italian political situation. Have Berlusconi and his erstwhile friends papered the cracks? Or is it time to begin planning election coverage? . . . Cover opening of the first General Congregation in 15 years of the Jesuits, the largest order of priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Starts Jan. 5. . . . Papal takeoff Jan. 11. Trail Pope through Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Sri Lanka through Jan. 22. . . . February: Date of big Mafia trial supposed to start in Palermo? . . .

March: Visit Athens. Political brouhaha looms with spring parliamentary vote to elect a new president. Will it provoke a general election? Go on to Turkey to see whether Ciller government is reconciling Kurdish and economic unrest. Early election? . . . June: Time here for an updating visit to Portugal? . . . September-October: Pope to U.N./U.S.; possibly also to Africa.

Carol J. Williams / Vienna

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