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LAKE VIEW TERRACE : Work Delayed on Lake at Hansen Dam

January 24, 1995|TIM MAY

The recent spate of thunderstorms has delayed the start of construction of a $10-million lake and park facility inside Hansen Dam Recreation Area.

Construction workers say they should be able to meet construction deadlines, but had planned to start digging the 10.5-acre lake several weeks ago.

"We happened to be a little bit ahead of schedule, as far as planning and marking the area where we want to dig, so we'll still be able to meet the due dates," said Dan McDonald, controller of Channel and Basin Reclamation Co., which will excavate the lake for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Army Corps owns the land where the lakes are located because it is a federally regulated flood plain.

Though the area where the lakes will be constructed is on high ground and has sustained little flooding or damage from the rains, flooding in other Valley areas has kept Army Corps officials busy, preventing them from starting work on the lake, McDonald said.

The lake area will consist of two bodies of water located next to each other: a 1.5-acre swim lake adjacent to a nine-acre fishing and boating lake. Picnic facilities, access roads and parking lots also will be built.

The project's cost is to be split evenly between the city of Los Angeles and the Army Corps. The lake is scheduled to open in October, 1996.

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