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Gingrich and GOPAC

February 09, 1995

Your distressing article on GOPAC (Jan. 29) indicates Howard Callaway said the Republicans never would have taken the House without the help of GOPAC (GOP Action Committee). The fact that GOPAC justified getting these huge sums of money as a result of a loophole in the federal campaign laws is most distasteful. Furthermore, the promise to these huge corporations to keep it secret makes this even worse. But now we find that House Speaker Newt Gingrich is dealing with corporations that are seeking advantage through his plans to change the laws in their favor.

This all seems a vile use of his brains and an extremely unethical stand by Gingrich. HELEN MILLS-LINDSAY

Laguna Hills

The new revelations about GOPAC and the millions of dollars given to Republicans by secret donors reminds me again that we have the best politicians that money can buy!



The question your headline poses ("Will Gingrich Learn to Dampen the Fiery Rhetoric Before He Combusts?" Jan. 30) shouldn't be when will Gingrich combust but will the unabashedly biased media leave their fingerprints on the detonator?

One of the most refreshing and original thinkers to come to the forefront since Daniel Patrick Moynihan isn't being derailed because the press doesn't like his book deal. Instead it is their dislike for his brand of politics. Why else would you omit the fact that Sen. Paul Simon, Vice President Al Gore, and countless others in Congress, have similar million-dollar deals?

It's simple. Just like the out of touch ex-congressmen, the media are more concerned with fulfilling their own agendas then reporting the entire truth.


Garden Grove

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