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THE SIMPSON CASE. A daily update

February 15, 1995

Some of the key events Tuesday in the O.J. Simpson murder trial:

* SUMMARY: Two police officers testified about the handling of the crime scene, even as new allegations were raised about jurors in the case. According to sources, at least one juror is being investigated for allegedly expressing views about the case's outcome while another came under fire for looking at pictures in Simpson's house. A Sheriff's Department investigation into another allegation--that a juror was found with a map of crime scene landmarks--had been concluded and that juror will be allowed to remain on the panel, sources said.

* WITNESSES: On the stand Tuesday:

* Officer Robert Riske: Concluded nearly two days on the stand by telling jurors it was not his job to photograph or collect evidence.

* Sgt. David Rossi: Testified that the crime scene was secure by the time he arrived about 1:30 a.m. June 13. On cross-examination, said he had not seen footprints alongside a walk where the bodies were found, despite the fact that other officers had already passed that way.

* COMING UP: More police officers are expected to take the stand today as the prosecution continues to tell the jury about the crime scene on the evening of the murders.

"Right after he got the admonition, he walked in the foyer and immediately started staring at the pictures in the foyer, walked upstairs and stared at each and every picture up the stairs and in the bedroom."

--Deputy Dist. Atty. Marcia Clark on one of the Simpson jurors

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