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L.a. Speak / Car Salesperson Slang

February 26, 1995|Jolene Rae

desk a deal v. to get the customers to sit down and talk turkey. This is the most delicate moment in the negotiations, when the salespeople hold their breath.

green pea n. an inexperienced salesperson. An assistant manager might lament, "I got nothing but green peas on my team!"

hangar queen n. a car that defies all efforts to sell it. From military term for a hangar-bound aircraft. Also: paperweight.

laydown n. a car salesperson's dream. "That laydown walked onto the lot, pointed and said, 'I'll take that one!' "

mooch n. an overzealous haggler. No matter what kind of deal they're offered, these customers want it for less. Also: grind.

pencil v. to figure payments for a customer. "That Emily sure does great pencil; she got them into that old Sentra with a five-year loan."

roach n. a customer with rotten credit.

spiff n. cash incentives offered to the sales staff. "The boss laid out some good spiffs for unloading those '94s."

up v. to put your dibs onfresh blood. "Hey, back off, pal, I upped him first."

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