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VAN NUYS : 2 Vans Presented to Seniors Groups

March 17, 1995|MAKI BECKER

Two new vans were presented to San Fernando Valley senior citizen groups by Los Angeles City Councilwoman Laura Chick on Thursday at the Organization for the Needs of the Elder in Van Nuys.

The vans, which are equipped to transport frail and disabled elderly people, are to be shared by ONE and the Valley Senior Service and Resource Center in Reseda so that they can provide private and more efficient transportation for their members.

The city of Los Angeles currently sponsors a public transportation service for the elderly called Cityride. But Chick said there have been many complaints about Cityride from the people who depend on it.

"They are told that it is all booked and they have no (other) way to go to doctor's appointments for some frail elderly people," said Chick, and if they are able to get a ride, she added, "they sit on the van for hours."

Chick said the two vans were given to the organizations to alleviate some of the congestion on Cityride.

The funding for the two vans came from Cityride itself, and the results of their use will be monitored by Chick's office and the Department for the Aging, Chick said.

To request the use of the new vans, call (818) 705-2345.

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