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Parking Fines to Increase by $6

March 19, 1995|BERT ELJERA

WESTMINSTER — The City Council has approved higher fines for parking violations but decided to maintain the rates for ambulance services.

The $6 increase in fines for a host of parking violations will take effect immediately. But council members voted 4 to 1 Tuesday against a proposed 6% increase in ambulance fees.

City Manager Bill Smith said the higher fines will enable the city to recover the cost of processing the tickets at a time when the city is struggling to cover an anticipated $1.9-million shortfall for fiscal 1995-96.

As many as 18,000 parking tickets are issued a year, according to the police, who are responsible for enforcing the traffic laws.

The higher charges will cover a host of parking violations, from parking in no-parking zones to obstructing traffic, and will range from $28 to $63.

Ambulance fees would have increased by $17.45, to $242.75.

But residents said that officials must be careful about raising fees to help cover the city deficit because it is like raising taxes.

"Why not cut salaries?" said resident Stan Hirsch. "That might be one of the solutions."

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