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March 26, 1995

I feel compelled to respond to Don Shirley's Theater Notes (March 12) on the current financial situation of Theatre LA, the nonprofit association of theaters and producers that unites, represents and promotes the greater Los Angeles theater community.

A theater organization experiencing fiscal woes, sadly, is not newsworthy. I do not know of a single theater in L.A.--in the country, for that matter--not facing some form of money troubles.

By ignoring this context, Shirley failed to describe that the series of events propelling our cash crunch reflect rapid shifts in the culture and the economy, not the recent organizational changes nor community-wide successes of Theatre LA. Mr. Shirley chose, rather, to fan the flames of rumor, scandal and small-mindedness that plague and divide our fertile and diverse theater.

Theatre LA is here to stay. Let our deeds, not our balance sheet, be measure of our success.


Executive Director

Theatre League Alliance

Los Angeles

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