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TERROR IN OKLAHOMA CITY : Congressman Explains How He Received Bombing Fax : Message: Rep. Stockman says note was given to FBI promptly. His aide says it was sent to the NRA without the lawmaker's knowledge.


The Christian Science Monitor, based on an interview with a woman who called herself Libby, reported that she had simply passed along a fax that had been sent to her from Oklahoma City. She refused to reveal the origin of the fax.

But later in the day, Mark Koernke, who broadcasts nightly over shortwave radio about the alleged evils of the government, said that he was the one who sent Stockman the fax. Koernke, who lives near Dexter, Mich., told Detroit radio station WWJ that he sent the fax after the bombing. He suggested that possibly the federal government was responsible for the bombing and said he wanted people to rush to the site to see what was going on.

The FBI confirmed that it had received the fax from Stockman's office the day of the bombing, at 11:57 a.m.

Fisher acknowledged that another member of Stockman's staff had sent the memo to the NRA the next day, but said that it was done without his or Stockman's authorization. He offered no account of why the aide sent the information to the NRA. "It shouldn't have ended up over there, but it did," Fisher said.

The whole episode has showered more publicity on Stockman than the whole rest of his political career combined, said Fisher, who received press inquiries from as far away as London.

"I've never seen anything like it," Fisher said. "His name ID worldwide just went up."

Times staff writer Judy Pasternak contributed to this story.

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