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VENTURA : CalResources Gives $25,000 to Red Cross

May 08, 1995|JEFF McDONALD

One of Ventura County's largest oil companies has donated $25,000 to the local chapter of the American Red Cross, money the relief organization said would help local families struck by disaster.

Officials from CalResources Inc., a subsidiary of the Shell Oil Co. based in Bakersfield, announced the donation last week.

"Over the last year, we have been very impressed with the leadership of the American Red Cross," CalResources spokeswoman Susan C. Hersberger said in a prepared statement. "We are pleased to join with the community in recognizing and supporting these heroic efforts."

American Red Cross officials said their disaster-relief fund had been drained in recent months because of a series of floods, fires and other calamities.

"Our paid and volunteer staff have been out there 49 times since July 1," said Mike Goth, a program manager with the American Red Cross of Ventura County.

"Most of those are small disasters that don't make big headlines," he said.

Goth said the $25,000 donation would be added to the local disaster relief fund.

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