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Truthing the Face

May 14, 1995

Since the landslide 1994 election, prominent Democrats have been trying hard to look like Republicans, but Vice President Al Gore has gone to extremes ("America Loves a Puzzle," by David Lauter, April 2). In the cover photograph, Gore bears an uncanny resemblance to GOP candidate Lamar Alexander. Knowing the insidious ways of politicians, this might be Alexander's stealthy way of confirming speculation that he's really running for vice president. Or maybe those guys from Nashville all look alike.

Allen E. Kahn

Play del Rey


The political consulting industry has taken a lot of hits, but it cannot correctly be called sexist. Lauter states that almost all of the political consultants are men. But as recently as 1992, President George Bush's top consultant was Mary Matalin, and in 1988, Susan Estrich ran the presidential campaign of Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis. Also worth noting is that a third of the membership of the American Association of Political Consultants is female.

Joseph R. Cerrell

chairman emeritus

American Association

of Political Consultants

Los Angeles

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