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Spa Terms

June 01, 1995|KATHRYN BOLD

Here are definitions of a sampling of treatments available at local spas, with the average rate for the service.

* Algae body mask. Algae mask is applied to the skin to detoxify, contour and stimulate circulation. ($70 for 60 minutes.)

* Aromatherapy massage. Blends of pure essential oils are used during the full-body massage to calm the nerves and relieve tired and sore muscles. ($70 for 60 minutes.)

* Aromatherapy mineral bath. A bath treated with essential oils and mineral-laden bath crystals, to relax body and mind. ($30 for 30 minutes.)

* Body wraps. This can be done in a variety of methods. The body can be covered in a soothing ointment such as aloe or aromatherapy oils, or it can be wrapped in cloth steeped in herbs. All methods are designed to reduce muscle tension while treating the skin. ($35 for 30 minutes.)

* Loofah scrub. Deep-cleansing treatment that exfoliates dull surface skin cells, producing softer, smoother skin. Body is rubbed with hand-held loofah sponges. ($35 for 30 minutes.)

* Moor therapy mud mask. Moor mud from Hungary is applied all over the body to exfoliate the skin and soothe tired muscles. ($70 for 60 minutes.)

* Swedish massage. Classical European massage techniques involving circular strokes and a kneading of the surface muscles. A full-body massage to promote relaxation, circulation and mobility. ($35 for 30 minutes.)

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