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Heidi Fleiss

June 02, 1995

Re "Fleiss Gets 3 Years in Prison for Pandering," May 25:

Is anyone else as appalled as I am about the enormous resources being wasted on prosecuting Heidi Fleiss, especially in a county that is discussing the possible necessity of closing hospitals and clinics in the coming fiscal year? In a time of horribly constrained budgets, shouldn't someone use his/her common sense and restrict law enforcement and court resources to crimes with a actual victim? It might be helpful if The Times would print an accounting of the costs incurred so far on this nonsense (and an estimate of the cost of the federal trial).


Los Angeles

It is really a crime that top entertainment Hollywood men made Heidi what she is, she gets three years in prison, plus has to post $200,000 bail and a $1,500 fine, and they all walk away completely untainted.

Justice is really terrific in this country.


Studio City

Re "City Wants to Uproot Woman's Alley Garden," May 25: Once again, in fact, twice on the same day, the law shows itself to be an ass. 1) Fleiss, a woman whose phone number most men would be pleased to have, merits time; set Heidi free in return for her list of clients. 2) The city wants to destroy a garden to save it (otherwise every alley might want one). What more to be said?



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