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CD Stereo Makes Fast Changes


Coming next month from Sharp Electronics is the WQ-CH900 portable stereo with a five-disc CD changer that has a clear window on top where CDs load so you can easily see the titles of the discs.

The unit is a new generation of Sharp's original portable CD and stereo introduced in 1993. But this CD system is also incredibly fast, able to switch from the first disc to the fifth in less than five seconds.

The WQ-CH900 includes a dual cassette tape deck, a full-range speaker system with 4-inch woofers, AM/FM stereo tuning and electronic volume control, three-band graphic equalizer and remote control.

Weighing only 13 pounds (without batteries), the WQ-CH900 ($250) will be available nationwide at electronics and department stores in July. If you can't find it in your area, call Sharp's toll-free number, (800) BE-SHARP.

It's Typing on the Phone Line

Now Big Brother can send you messages. Motorola has just introduced WordSender, a device that enables users to send text and numeric messages over telephone lines directly to a pager.

WordSender, which resembles a high-tech telephone with an attached keyboard, will change paging by eliminating the need for assistance from a special operator if you want to send a printed message.

With WordSender, the user types a message on the unit's built-in standard typewriter keyboard. As it is typed, the message appears on an easy- to- read two- line 24- character -per-line display. Then, you identify the intended recipient and press the "send" key. The message will go directly to any alphanumeric pager.

The clever device needs no special telephone connections (in fact, it can be used as a regular telephone) and simply plugs into a standard phone jack and outlet.

WordSender also has a combined telephone and pager number directory so calling or paging friends or business associates is as easy as typing in a name. Telephone features include speed dialing, last number redial, a handset volume control and telephone call timer. A battery backup guards against losing information during a power failure.

WordSender ($249) is available nationwide. For information, call Motorola at (800) 548-9954.

Jack of Diamonds Card Faceted With Functions

This month Canada's Ositech company is introducing Jack of Diamonds, a multi-functional PC card that combines an Ethernet network adapter and a high-speed data/fax modem with cellular capabilities. It allows access to Ethernet and modem simultaneously, but takes up only one PC slot.

Jack of Diamonds ($549) also can extend the working time of a laptop battery because it can detect and shut off power to portions of the card that are not in use. It works with most computers and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full five-year warranty. For additional information, call Ositech at (800) 563-2386.

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