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Quake Scars No Longer a Cross to Bear

June 11, 1995

After their old, rugged cross crashed to the ground during the Northridge earthquake, parishioners at Santa Monica's Pilgrim Lutheran Church were determined to make a new one that would withstand the test of time.

The cross erected as part of a $1-million restoration of the church is "lighter-weight material; we think it will last," said church secretary Carol Ouzounian.

Pilgrim's 200 congregants, who have met in a gym since the earthquake, hope to be back in the landmark Wilshire Boulevard church by fall, she said.

Besides the cross, the quake brought down the church's bell tower and 3,000-pound steeple, but, strangely, glass proved mightier than masonry.

Not a single one of the 52 stained-glass windows was broken.


LIKE FATHER . . .: Little Aaron Feuer is ready to follow in his father's footsteps.

The 4-year-old went along with his parents, Michael and Gail Ruderman Feuer, to vote last Tuesday and even filled out a handmade ballot, handing it to officials at the polling place.

Whom did he choose in the race for the 5th District seat on the Los Angeles City Council--his father or Barbara Yaroslavsky?

"Daddy," of course.

Why? "If he wins, I win--I helped," said the budding politico. He frequently joined his dad on walks around the district.


LOOKING FOR UGLY MODELS: Ugly cars, that is.

Two Santa Monica-based organizations--California Special Olympics and Best Buddies--are looking for donors to nominate their beaters for recycling.

Here's the deal: Make a call to (800) 590-1600 and blow the whistle on your clunker. A tow truck will come to remove the unsightly vehicle to an automobile boneyard, where it will be drained of its fluids, dismantled and sold, part by part.

The payoff: a cleaner environment for all and cash for the sponsoring organizations, which support sports activities for people with mental disabilities. Oh, yes, there's a tax deduction in it for you, too.

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