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Seniors: More Fans of Feldman Column React

June 11, 1995

Please reconsider your decision to omit Linda Feldman's column "For Seniors." Please keep it going.

I am a 44-year-old Westside resident who thoroughly enjoyed reading the column regularly. In fact, it was my draw to the Westside section. It offered a dignified, hopeful, humanistic view of human life. It shows people at their finest. It gives a historical perspective to modern life. It honors the simple, inspiring stories of wonderful individuals.

We desperately need these oases, especially on Sunday morning. Why not just call it "About Seniors" in recognition of its broader audience. But keep it coming.


Culver City


I was saddened to read about the cancellation of Linda Feldman's column, "Seniors."

Linda's column highlighted the achievements of many seniors in our community. It was not amazing that there were so many outstanding seniors but that Linda, in many cases, was the first to acknowledge them.

With Linda's column gone, who will be their voice?


Gerontology Adviser , Los Angeles Community Adult School

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