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Doris Allen Elected Speaker

June 11, 1995

Re "GOP's Allen Elected Speaker by Democrats," June 6:

Thank you for running the front-page photo of Willie Brown together with his latest turncoat, Doris "Benedict" Allen, the Judas of the California Assembly.

Allen pulled a [Paul] Horcher, trading temporary notoriety for eventual oblivion. She'll function as Brown's puppet for a brief time--the precise duration depends on how quickly her constituents can organize a recall. Your photo should be all the campaign material the recall proponents need.

The day is coming when the California Assembly will be liberated from the occupying forces that have made a career of thwarting the will of the people. It won't be a day too soon.




I read with amusement your article on the election of Doris Allen (R-Cypress) to Assembly Speaker. Because of their extreme partisanship, and consequently their non-interest in compromising, Assembly Republicans accomplished absolutely nothing in this long-winded matter. As Brown stated, Republicans "got taken, fair and square." Congratulations to Allen for becoming the first female Speaker of the Assembly. Sadly, however, despite her desire for bipartisanship in the Assembly, both sides of the aisle have shown no intention of working together on any issue. The only thing Democrats and Republicans have in common is their desire to hold on to their jobs.

Also, why would any respectable and intelligent woman want to be a member of the Republican Party? With Neanderthals like David Knowles (R-Placerville) likening this completely legal parliamentary action to the raping and killing of women, and Bill Morrow (R-Oceanside) suggesting that Allen ought to fix her hair, it is clear that members of the Republican Party have zero sensitivity and respect for women. Is this the party line?




Regarding the statement by Willie Brown on the selection of Allen by the Democrats to the speakership: "Isn't that incredible, isn't that incredible, isn't that incredible? That's absolutely incredible--and it's not affirmative action, not affirmative action at all, no special assistance, no preference. Those white boys got taken, fair and square." What kind of reaction do you suppose would occur if the word black had been substituted for white , by a Republican? Incredible! Smacks of racism possibly? Hmmmmmm!




Your article quotes new Speaker Emeritus Willie Brown, saying, "Those white boys got taken, fair and square." Just one question about the photo: Who's that white girl next to him?


San Diego


California politics have been a sorry and often ugly spectacle for years. But the fight for the speakership of the Assembly has to be an all-time low. The business of running the state has been completely forgone for the past six months so that our Assembly members could devote all their time to sniveling, whining and bickering.

Now, with a new Speaker elected, you would think the petty backbiting could stop and the business of running the state begin. But, no. Disgruntled Republican supporters of Assemblyman Jim Brulte (R-Rancho Cucamonga) are vowing to remove Allen and have her thrown out in a recall election. I am sure that I speak for many Californians in saying, "Shame on you."

Does someone need to remind the Assembly that it is charged with governing this state? Who did what or said what to whom in the Assembly halls over the past 20 years is totally irrelevant to most of the 30 million people trying to eke out a living in this state. With a Republican in the speakership--even one many conservatives don't favor--the Republicans will be able to pass far more legislation than ever before. And Allen does seem willing to entertain the bills of reasonable Democrats too. That's called compromise. Most of us living in the real world engage in compromise every day. Now it's time for the California Assembly to do the same and stop squabbling over who gets to be Speaker.

There is, after all, lots of real work to be done in the state.


Los Angeles


* If Allen were a man, the Republican Assemblymen would be jumping for joy. Rather, they have shown their true sexism. Allen's ascension to Speaker is affirmative action in progress, the very thing her Republican cohorts are begrudging.

It's time for all women--black, brown, yellow and white--to come together and shout, "Affirmative action is right."


California Black Conservative Network

Mission Viejo

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