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Hole's Love 'Fine' After Apparent Overdose : Pop music: A spokesman said the incident was caused by an 'adverse reaction' to prescription drugs. Scheduled appearances remain intact.


Courtney Love, the flamboyant and acclaimed leader of the band Hole, was reported resting Monday in her Seattle home after being treated for what police described as an apparent overdose of prescription drugs.

A Seattle police spokesman said emergency workers were called around 12:30 a.m. Sunday to the 30-year-old rock star's lakefront home, where her husband, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide last year.

Love, reportedly unconscious when police arrived, was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where she remained until she was released 12 hours later.

Police said a friend of Love's told them the singer had taken prescription medicine on a flight Saturday night from New York. The pills reportedly caused her to become so groggy that she needed to be helped from the plane. The police were called shortly after Love arrived home.

A spokesman for Love's record company, Geffen Records, said the incident was caused by an "adverse reaction" to prescription drugs.

Love was not available for comment, but Peter Mensch, who co-manages the singer, said he spoke to Love by phone from New York and "she is doing fine."

Mensch said Sunday's incident wouldn't interfere with plans for Love's band to perform Saturday at the KROQ-FM "Weenie Roast" concert at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, nor the band's participation in the Lollapalooza national tour starting July 4.

The apparent overdose, however, is bound to raise new questions in the industry about the emotional stability of Love, the controversial performer who has often spoken in interviews about her drug use.

"Can I tell you that Courtney Love is as sober as a church mouse all the time?" Mensch said. "No. . . . But is she out of control? No. I see her every couple of days when she's working . . . and she's coherent and intelligent. She's a pleasure to manage.

"Courtney Love wants to be successful. She wants to be respected as a musician and she wants to be as good a mother as she can be. We've been managing her since [last fall] and she's always done everything that we've all agreed that she should do . . . every gig."

Love has a daughter by Cobain, Frances, who will turn 3 this year. After a 1992 Vanity Fair article charged that Love knowingly used heroin when she was pregnant, authorities in Los Angeles investigated whether Frances should be taken from the couple and placed into protective custody.

A representative for Child Protective Services in Seattle says they have no plans under way at this point to investigate the weekend incident. "We have no case worker assigned," said spokeswoman Ronda Haun. "If someone reported to us a concern that Frances had been abused or neglected, we would of course investigate it."

On the day before Cobain's suicide was discovered in April of 1994, Love was arrested for possession of illegal drugs at a Beverly Hills hotel after she was treated for a possible drug overdose. Charges, however, were not filed and the overdose was believed to be caused by an allergic reaction to a muscle relaxant.

Times pop music critic Robert Hilburn and staff writer Kim Murphy in The Times' Seattle bureau contributed to this story.

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