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ROTC: Impact of Program on Students

June 15, 1995

I would like to respond to the recent comments made by the "critical thinkers" regarding the new junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Culver City High School (Westside, June 1).

Have any of the people so critical of junior ROTC talked with the students and teachers at local high schools? I doubt it.

In September, Leuzinger High School began its Army junior ROTC program under the direction of Sgt. Fred Jacobs. This class has had a greater impact on more students (over 200) in a shorter time than any other program.

Why is the program so successful? Because it provides the discipline, direction and a sense of belonging that many of our students want and need. A student will not learn until he has the discipline and values to want to learn. Junior ROTC builds better students.

I am sure Sgt. Jacobs would welcome visitors, even the "critical thinkers" from Culver City.

Due in part to the outstanding success of Sgt. Jacobs' ROTC program, our sister school, Hawthorne High School, will begin a Navy ROTC program in September.

On a personal level, I consider many of the statements made by Laura Stuart in your June 1 issue an affront to enlisted servicemen everywhere. I can understand why the Culver City board refused to listen to audience comments.


Lt. U.S. Navy, 1965-68


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