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Inside & Out : Still Wright

June 17, 1995|Cyndi Y. Nightengale

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's elegant Johnson Wax writing desk and chair are among reproduction pieces being manufactured by Cassina of New York.

The desk ($5,359) has three stained ash-wood tops positioned at different heights. It comes with two drawers, a wastebasket and two racks in the same color as the desk structure. The desk is available in black or brick red with tops in natural cherrywood.

The chair ($1,076) has four legs with pivoting brass casters for easy movement. The backrest tilts, and the padded seat is trimmed with black leather. The black chair has stained ash-wood armrests, and the brick red one has natural cherrywood rests.

The Wright desk and chair are available at Diva in Los Angeles, 8801 Beverly Blvd., (310) 278-3191, or at MPLA Associates in Solana Beach, 444 S. Cedros Ave., (619) 481-9209.

Mission Hardware

Mission-style furniture remains popular because of its simple lines. If you want to extend this look to include the hardware throughout your home, the Woodworker's Store is now offering authentically styled pieces through its catalogue.

The drawer and pendant pulls (from about $17 to $27 each) are made from heavy-duty cast copper following the designs of Gustav Stickley. The pulls are given a hammered texture and patina finish.

For information, call the Rogers, Minn.-based catalogue at (800) 279-4441.

Linen Care

Sending out the laundry takes on a whole different meaning at Linens Ltd. of Milwaukee. A premier laundry service for more than 30 years, the firm takes special care of heirloom pieces such as tablecloths, curtains, pillows, sheets and comforters.

The company receives orders from customers via UPS and from 47 drop-off points throughout the country, including one in Orange County.

Once an item is received, a staff member consults with the customer about general care and any specific needs pertaining to stains or tears. Then the items are put through an individual, 10-step cleaning process, which includes pre-soaking, boiling, stretching and ironing.

Once dried and ironed, the items are folded or rolled with acid-free paper and returned to the customer. The entire process takes from one to four weeks, depending on what needs to be done.

In Orange County, the Linens Ltd. drop-off point is at Appointments of Newport, 1701 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach, (714) 722-7515. For information, call Linens Ltd. at (800) 637-6334.

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