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L.A. Speak : Shooting Kids: What the Photogs Say

June 18, 1995|Mark Miller

Ace n. a customer who doesn't buy anything.

booker n. a salesman who sells the photographer's services to schools. "I basically never turned a profit until I hired a booker."

bull's-eyes n. parents who spare no expense, opting for big prints, fancy frames and lots of 'em.

goldmine n. a large school.

luggage n. a unenthusiastic, expressionless child. "Not even Arbus could get a good shot out of this luggage." Also: lump.

proof-passer n. a salesperson working for the photographer who shows the pictures to the parents. "A good proof-passer can turn an ace into a bull's-eye."

seconds n. inferior photos. "The Weingarts loved the pics of little Brian and Stephanie so much they even had prints made of the seconds."

starfish n. an umbrella light.

weeping Willie, weeping Wilma n. a sobbing child.

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