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Filipino Vets Applaud Story on Their Plight

June 18, 1995

The article "Unhealed Wounds--A Debt Unpaid" [City Times, May 28] by Leslie Berestein is strikingly and truly expressive of the sentiments of Filipino WWII veterans, both those residing in the United States and those in the Philippines. The details were very touching, and we are very grateful for this impressive article and the photos of Filipino veterans as they are now.

Your article, we assure you, is very significant to our pursuit of recognition by the U.S. Congress and for benefits taken away in 1946 by Congress.

We also want you to know of our gratefulness to the editors of the L.A. Times for taking special concern for our plight. As far as we know, The Times is the first major paper in the U.S. to portray in great detail the Filipino WWII veterans. It was so timely, published for Memorial Day.

More power to the L.A. Times and to you personally.


Vice commander

United Filipino & American World War II Veterans Inc.


From the heart of an aging Filipino veteran of WWII and on the behalf of others, we appreciate the excellent cover story of May 28. We hope the American public that reads this article will convey these same feelings to members of Congress, who by the power inherent in the positions they hold can correct the injustice committed against the Filipino veterans.

Indeed, we need your help, you from the media particularly. We have no means available to us to effectively carry on this last battle of our life.

It has been said that to win the sympathy and the appropriate legislation from Congress, we need millions in lobbying money, political clout, or both. We do not have the kind of money to carry weight or the political clout strong enough to be effective, so indeed, ours has been a losing battle. But we are hoping that a kind, loving and merciful God will guide the minds and hearts of the members of Congress to the end that so justice for Filipino veterans may become a reality, even on our dying day.


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