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Community News: Beverly Hills

Planet Hollywood Design Still 'a Little Bit Off,' Council Says


After twice toning down designs for a new Planet Hollywood in Beverly Hills, the City Council has again directed architects for the restaurant to devise a more subdued exterior for the planned Wilshire Boulevard eatery.

Although the council praised the elimination of pink window awnings and a wall of celebrity handprints, it balked Tuesday night at approving the design until the restaurant changes the trademark sign depicting a planet and stars. It also said it does not want speckled pink granite surrounding doors and windows.

"It is 1,000% better than it was," said Councilwoman MeraLee Goldman. "But it is still just a little bit off. We don't want the look of a jazzy club."

The council requested that Planet Hollywood representatives return Tuesday with plans for a simple identification sign of brushed bronze, and a muted exterior of granite or marble.

The celebrity-owned chain, known for its funky designs and colors, had been ordered to tone down its exterior earlier this year, first by the city's architectural commission and later by the council.

Councilwoman Vicki Reynolds and Mayor Allan Alexander said they had urged Planet Hollywood representatives not to lease the space on Wilshire, citing the boulevard's design style and proximity to homes.

"You picked the location, the most sophisticated architecture in the city," said Alexander.

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