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Culver City: Taking Aim at Council Members' Refusal to Support Regulation of Ammunition Sales

June 22, 1995

I have now seen the epitome of insanity. Leave it to the Culver City Council, specifically Albert Vera, James D. Boulgarides and Mike Balkman, to put the interests of business before the interests of the citizens of Culver City (Westside, June 15). On June 12, these three men voted down an ordinance that would regulate the sale of ammunition in Culver City.

Even though Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles have adopted similar ordinances, these councilmen have virtually invited any and all criminals in Los Angeles into Culver City to purchase ammunition--ammunition to be used to kill people!

No, these men say, let's not make it hard for the business owners to hawk their wares. Oh my, they might actually have to be responsible citizens and turn down the sale of bullets to people who refuse to identify themselves. Do these councilmen think that a responsible citizen buying ammunition would refuse to identify himself? I think not--the people who don't want to be noticed when they buy ammunition are the people we should fear.

Yet these councilmen have invited any and all demented personalities into the community. It would be interesting to find out how many of these councilmen are members of or have had donations made to their campaigns by the [National Rifle Assn.].

It is time that Culver City and its City Council were brought into the 1990s. The problem of violence perpetuated by guns is rampant and escalating, and yet they refuse to pass an ordinance that would put some sanity back into the system!

As a citizen of Culver City I am ashamed of these elected officials and I know that I will campaign long and hard in the future to ensure that they are not reelected.


Culver City

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