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Beware of Tort Reform

June 23, 1995

I would like to commend Robin Abcarian for her column about the pending legislation that will protect Nevada's gaming interests while sacrificing the safety of consumers and tourists, the very people who make gambling such a profitable industry ("Balancing Safety and the Bottom Line in Nevada" (June 7).

It is a particularly appropriate time to expose this cynical attempt to insulate powerful corporations and insurance companies from the consequences of their actions when someone is seriously or permanently injured as a result of irresponsible actions and the negligence of their employees.

With her usual keen eye and ear for nuance, Abcarian brilliantly took the heart of the matter and presented it with color, style and wit. We can only hope the members of the Nevada State Senate, who supported this travesty, also read Abcarian's column and suffer a pang of conscience. Meanwhile, let the consumer beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing called "tort reform."



Consumer Attorneys Assn. of Los Angeles


Re Robin Abcarian's June 7 column: Let me get this straight. First, I get fleeced at the casinos while gambling. Then I get fleeced by the hotel/casino employees with no recourse?

Cancel my reservation.


Santa Monica

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