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INSIDE & OUT : Graphic Details

June 24, 1995|Cyndi Y. Nightengale

Armoires and entertainment cabinets from Art as Furniture are anything but basic. Adorned with bold graphics and striking handles, they not only hold your television and its accouterments, but the cabinets also function as art pieces in a room.

Bob Morrison, founder and owner of Art as Furniture, based in Atlanta, approaches his furniture as blank canvas. "You can put anything on them," says Morrison, whose background is in graphic arts.

"Things that can be silk-screened on T-shirts or posters can be put on the furniture, since I use the same technique," he says. Morrison also integrates the handles and other hardware on his pieces so they function as part of the three-dimensional art look.

The idea for the cabinets came as he was looking over books on art and furniture, he says. "I noticed that the works in both books had the same triangular shape or silhouette. Then it hit me. If I take one shape and put it on the other, I could integrate the graphics into the furniture design."

Among his pieces are the 3-D cabinet ($1,900), made of light maple, and his calligraphy cabinets ($1,755) in birch. He also has an armoire ($985) in primary colors on a melamine surface. The collection also includes room dividers and wall clocks.

A brochure of Morrison's designs is available for $3. Call (404) 525-8818 or write Art as Furniture, 1059 Euclid Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307.

Heading South

The tropics give direction to Armstrong's newest vinyl flooring, the Color Passions collection.

The mood and colors in the collection are drawn from the Caribbean. Twenty-five hues, from pale sandy to jewel tones, are enhanced with a tough, low-luster finish. They appear in a random design of fine flecks that, together, create a smooth sweep of color.

Out-of-the-ordinary geometric patterns, insets, stripes and borders are available for accents. Among the choices: a compass that can be set into the floor for dramatic effect.

Color Passions flooring (about $29 per square yard, price varies according to size and installation) is available at Armstrong dealers throughout the county. Call (800) 704-8000.

Cast of Characters

Unique accessories--such as a family of brushes in cast aluminum--have become the specialty of Felissimo of New York.

The personal grooming brush set ($595 for nine pieces; individual brushes range from $34 to $126) is designed by Gioia Gajo. Among other items: scented sand imported from Paris ($20), which is used like potpourri, and celadon candles that smell like Earl Grey tea ($50 for large candle, $40 for small, $30 for pair of petite candles).

For information, call (800) 565-6785.

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