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L.A. SPEAK : Cross Purposes: What the Puzzle-Makers Say

June 25, 1995|Janet Kinosian

abber n. abbreviation. "I try to avoid abbers when I create a puzzle."

* dirty double-crosser n. a spot on the puzzle where two difficult words intersect. (Normally, one word is hard, one easy).

* cross-stitch n. a cross-reference, such as "Latin form of 31 Down."

* cruciverbalist n. a Latinate word for the person who makes up the crossword puzzle. "When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I'm a cruciverbalist." Also used to describe puzzle fans.

* crosswordies n. words generally found only in crossword puzzles. "One of my favorite crosswordies is keitloa,' a South African rhinoceros."

* flash n. a gimme. "The TV Guide crossword is so full of flashes even a sixth-grader can do it."

* New Wave n. type of puzzle heavy on pop culture and brand names. Traditionalists find them annoying.

* themers n. entries that have to do with the puzzle's theme. "I'm having trouble coming up with enough themers for the House of Windsor puzzle."

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