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L.A.'s Hot Spot? Celeb Crime Tour

June 25, 1995

Summer's here, which means travelers are descending upon Los Angeles to do the vacation thing. We took a random survey among our friends to find out what hot spots their out-of-town relatives and guests most want to see. Disneyland? Universal Studios? Mann's Chinese? No, no and no.

Everyone wants the celebrity crime tour of L.A.

That starts with a trip Downtown to see Camp O.J., the scaffolding and trailers set up by numerous news crews.

Another stop is Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade to stock up on Heidi Wear, pjs designed by everyone's favorite madam, Heidi Fleiss.

And if you're really lucky (as our relatives were the other day) maybe Heidi herself will be there. It beats bringing home a pair of mouse ears.

Chair Is Tabled: And speaking of the O.J. mishegoss , some lucky person now owns Judge Lance Ito's black leather chair.

The chair from which Ito rules the courtroom was auctioned off for $1,500 at the recent Backdraft Ball, an annual fe^te for the Beverly Hills Fireman's Assn., held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

It's a BackSaver chair (valued at $1,275), ergonomically designed and considered the Cadillac of chairs. The Relax the Back store in Beverly Hills loaned the chair to Ito so he could admonish, overrule and sustain in maximum comfort.

The one catch, of course, is that the lucky bidder will have to wait until the trial is over to get the chair. Unless he or she wants to go there right now and demand it, but we wouldn't recommend that.

ESSENTIALS/What You Need to Maneuver the L.A. Scene: It takes a will of iron to get through a Hollywood party these days. We're not talking about surviving the paparazzi . We're talking about the buffets. At the recent premiere of "First Knight," after the roast leg of lamb, pasta, rock shrimp and grilled sausages came the "Round Table of Sweets"--granitas with a bittersweet chocolate terrine, warm chocolate bread pudding with cre^me anglaise, several different kinds of fruit strudels and a cookie assortment. Perhaps most people are secure enough in their StairMaster abilities that they feel they can burn off whatever gastronomic delights they indulge in. Then again, you can work up an appetite just trying to get the "Entertainment Tonight" cameras to notice you.


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