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Photo Footwork

June 25, 1995

Tips you help you take better pictures.

Fill the frame: Get close --real close-- to the subject. If you can't get close, get a lens that can.

Compose boldly: Lead the viewer into the picture with S curves, dynamic diagonals or repetitive elements.

Extend your scope: Swap your regular lens for a 300-milimeter telephoto lens.

Meter for effect: Built-in meters may be tricked by unusual conditions. Carry a spare to get the effect that you --not your camera-- want.

Use filters creatively: If you can reshape reality on film, why not re-color it?

Capture the essence: Use technique --such as photographing kids at their eye level-- to reinforce a picture's theme.

Make color work: Enhance hues and tones by using a super-saturated film.

Insist on quality prints: Pass up 60-minute processors in favor of a good lab.

Be a pro presenter: Keep slide shows short --20 minutes max. Edit ruthlessly and remember: A picture's worth a thousand words.

Source: Shutterbug Magazine

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