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STATE ELECTION / 72nd ASSEMBLY DISTRICT : Winner of Pivotal Race Will Be Busy : North County contest could bear on speakership, California budget and O.C. bankruptcy. Three Republicans and one Democrat vie on July 18.


If elected, Kiley said, she will remain a full-time resident of Yorba Linda and not spend most of her time in Sacramento, something Johnson was often characterized as doing.

"I've made a pledge not to work in Sacramento. You get out of touch," she said. "I want to continue to go to Vons and the movies and be one of the people here. We haven't really had a representative in the Assembly who comes home and talks to the people."

Kiley is a distant third in fund-raising among the three Republicans.


Norby, 45, a history teacher at Brea Olinda High School the past 10 years, hopes to parlay the publicity he gained from his active role in the No on Measure R campaign into an Assembly seat. He and his volunteers walked door-to-door to every house in Fullerton delivering his anti-Measure R message and is continuing that grass roots effort throughout the primary.

He has won the endorsement of several key Republican assemblymen, including Bernie Richter of Chico, Brett Granlund of Yucaipa and Steve Baldwin of El Cajon, as well as Bruce Whitaker, another one of the leaders of the No on Measure R fight, and financier Howard Ahmanson.

Norby, a member of the Fullerton City Council since 1984, suggests the record shows he is the most conservative, most anti-tax candidate in the race.

"The person who goes up there needs experience in privatizing and contracting government services. I feel my record in that area is very strong," Norby said.

He also cites his experience in education where, despite being a teacher, he is an ardent advocate of school vouchers.

"I'm a maverick teacher in that respect," he said. "Basically it's about parental empowerment. This would empower people to expand their choices."



Orange County's next special election will take place July 18 to fill the vacant 72nd Assembly district seat. A look at the district, candidates and their stands on issues:

The Candidates

* Richard Ackerman Party: Republican Age: 52 Residence: Fullerton Family: Married, three children Education: University of California, Berkeley; Hastings School of Law Occupation: Attorney Background: Former Fullerton councilman for 12 years; mayor for two terms * Shirley Hafner Party: Democrat Age: 56 Residence: Fullerton Family: Divorced, four children Education: Marywood High School Occupation: Unit coordinator at UC Irvine Medical Center Background: 12-year Air Force veteran, former volunteer firefighter in Riverside County * Barbara Kiley Party: Republican Age: 48 Residence: Yorba Linda Family: Married, two children Education: Huntington Beach High School Occupation: Political consultant Background: Current Yorba Linda councilwoman, state co-chair of Proposition 187 * Chris Norby Party: Republican Age: 45 Residence: Fullerton Family: Married, one child Education: Occidental College, Cal State Fullerton Occupation: History teacher at Brea Olinda High School Background: Fullerton councilman for 11 years

Where They Stand

* On Measure R: Ackerman: Opposed. "The county has to spend more time restructuring itself and looking for additional cost-saving measures." Hafner: Supported. "I really felt we needed to do something right away to solve our financial problems. Now we will spend more money in attorney fees in the next 10 years than if we would have passed Measure R." Kiley: Opposed. "No more tax money to bail out Orange County's mistakes." Norby: Opposed. "I was active in the No on R campaign not just because I was against the tax, but because it would give us an opportunity to reinvent county government and do it right."

* On proposed recall of Doris Allen: Ackerman: "I support the recall. I would support the election of a 'true Republican' as Assembly leader." Hafner: "I think it's totally outrageous she's being recalled. It's the good ol' boy network that can't stand to see a woman in power." Kiley: "As an Assembly freshman, I will do whatever the party caucus votes to do, but I don't want to go to Sacramento to support or destroy her." Norby: "I support it. Even though she's a Republican, she has used her power to keep the Democrats in control."

* On the possibility of a state trustee taking over the county because of bankruptcy: Ackerman: "I would oppose the state taking over the operation of the county. We should be allowed to govern ourselves." Hafner: "The supervisors were not doing their job in the first place and obviously are not doing it now, so maybe that would be a solution to the county's financial woes." Kiley: "I'm opposed to a state takeover. However, I am very concerned about the lack of leadership at the county level now." Norby: "If local control and new taxes were forced upon us, I would be strongly opposed to it. If it gives the county more power to contract and privatize government, it would be good." Source: Individual candidates

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