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Korean War Hero

July 05, 1995

Re "His Korean War Lasted a Lifetime," June 23:

K. Connie Kang's story about Chang-Ho Cho, the first South Korea POW to escape from North Korea after 43 years of ordeal in that country, though truly amazing, is but one of innumerable accounts of Korean tragedies emanating from the Korean War of 1950-53.

As was pointed out in the story, the Korean peninsula is still technically under war since a peace treaty to end the war has never been signed, thus indefinitely prolonging all sorts of human agonies resulting from the war. If a peace treaty had already been signed, it would have ended the ordeal of Chang-Ho Cho along with many other untold Korean tragedies.

Regrettably, you failed to mention that it is the United States, a signatory to the Korean Armistice Agreement, that has been steadfastly refusing to enter into negotiation with the other signatory of the agreement, North Korea, to replace the armistice with a peace treaty, thereby putting an end to all the longstanding anguish of the Korean people caused by the war. HWAL WOONG LEE, President

Korea Reunification Forum

Granada Hills

I thank you for celebrating a man whose story is comparable to that of Capt. Scott O'Grady. The Korean War is the forgotten war but its heroes are not forgotten.

These heroes give us hope and remind us that the "nasty little war" is not over yet. We can pray and hope that others like Chang-Ho Cho return home safely and that Korea will be reunited soon: one people, one land.



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