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Plan Takes Shape at CS Fullerton : Titans: Athletic department trying to turn old blueprint into modern complex.


Fullerton students approved a $14-a-semester athletic fee in 1993. A total of around $500,000 raised from the fee will be distributed among the various sports this academic year, based on recommendations made by a student athletic advisory council.

But that money is also helping to soften the blow of athletic department budget cuts in recent years brought on by the state money crunch.

Easterbrook said he's considering several ways to improve fund-raising. Among the possibilities for baseball, he said, would be to sell priority seating options, along with developing corporate sponsorships.

The athletic department recently added a full-time fund-raiser, Bob May, who had been working in fund-raising on the university level. "We want to get a broader base of people involved, and get the Titan Athletic Foundation excited about the program," Easterbrook said.

May said athletic department fund raising "has been sort of stagnant for the last two years, but we're optimistic that we can double, even triple the contribution level to the Titan Athletic Foundation" through efforts to develop new revenue sources. The athletic department has not had a full-time fund-raiser since 1991.

Gordon said he particularly appreciates the effort made by the individual coaches to improve their own facilities.

"I give the coaches and athletic department real credit for the success they've achieved with the level of support that the university has been able to put into it," Gordon said. "We're trying to do what we can, but we're trying in the most difficult budget period in the history of California state universities."

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