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Prior Pryor

July 09, 1995

In September of 1977, Richard Pryor outraged me beyond belief at "A Star-Spangled Night for Rights," a Hollywood Bowl benefit for gay and lesbian groups ("Still Livin' Large," by Lynell George, July 2).

Pryor was mean-spirited, antagonistic, filthy, gross and downright insulting to the audience members, putting down the attendees who happened to be gay.

I wonder if the word karma or the phrase "What goes around comes around" mean anything to Pryor? I am not one to wish ill will toward anyone, but leaving the concert that night I thought to myself that no one deserved the treatment Pryor had inflicted on hundreds of people and that one day he would be punished for his hostility toward innocent people.




I am a huge Richard Pryor fan. I've appreciated his work for years, as a fantastic talent. But what is unbelievable to me is that when fate has given him a chance to survive, and still contribute, the man chain smokes .

Your fans love you, Richard. Give it up, so we can continue to see you being a survivor for many years to come.


North Hills

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