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Man Accused of Killing Wife Charged in Assault on Ex-Girlfriend : Crime: Alleged victim in video-sex case recanted story providing suspect's alibi in slaying in Canyon Country. Defense asks why tape wasn't turned over earlier.


VAN NUYS — A Canyon Country man charged in the 1987 killing of his wife was also charged Monday with 13 counts of sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend who was his alibi in the slaying case before she changed her story.

The new rape charges stem from a videotape that shows the woman having sex with Guy Dean Bouck, 45, on several occasions prior to 1990, when he was convicted of raping her in a previous case.

Prosecutors allege that Bouck drugged the woman before videotaping himself having sex with her.

Bouck was also charged Monday with three additional counts of sexually assaulting two other women who allegedly were also drugged before being sexually assaulted but were not videotaped.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Jeffrey C. Jonas contended Monday that the videotape also shows two other incidents of rape prior to June, 1989, which he also would like to prosecute, but can't because of the state's six-year statute of limitations on such crimes.

Jonas said he will not challenge the statute of limitations on the earlier incidents, but questioned why the San Fernando public defender's office, which obtained the tape when it represented Bouck in the 1990 rape case involving the same woman, did not turn over the tape earlier.

"This should have been litigated back in 1990," Jonas said.

But Head Deputy Public Defender Bill Weiss, whose office represented Bouck in the 1990 rape case, said the videotape was discussed at the 1990 trial, so prosecutors have known about it all along. Weiss said that the tape was given to defense attorneys by a friend of Bouck's to help Bouck in the trial because it showed the sex with the woman was consensual.

"Now [prosecutors] are going to try to argue that we were trying to suppress evidence," Weiss said. "It's outrageous to impugn the integrity of a public defender who did everything by the book. They are trying to turn things around and blame us for something for which they dropped the ball."

The tape was not allowed to be introduced as evidence in the 1990 trial, and the defense and prosecution disagree over whether prosecutors at the time asked for a copy. Regardless, a copy was never given to prosecutors and the original was stored in the public defender's office until May, when Jonas requested it in preparing the prosecution case for the murder trial.

After viewing the tape, Jonas decided to pursue rape charges, and on June 29 the grand jury indicted Bouck.

San Fernando Superior Court Judge Judith M. Ashmann will rule Sept. 11 on a motion by prosecutors to consolidate the murder and rape cases.

Because Jonas intends to call Bouck's former public defender from the 1990 rape case as a witness in the new charges, the public defender's office has declared a potential conflict of interest and has dropped the case. An attorney with the Alternate Public Defender's office will be assigned to represent Bouck.

In March, the grand jury indicted Bouck on murder charges in the January, 1987, killing of his wife, Stephanie, 46, whose body was found in their Canyon Country home. She had been shot four times. He is also charged with the special circumstances that he was lying in wait for her, tortured her and killed her for financial gain, allegations that could make him liable to the death sentence.

He has pleaded not guilty.

But in a related civil case, a probate court judge in 1990 barred Bouck from inheriting his wife's estate, saying he found "a preponderance of the evidence" that Bouck had killed her.

That same year, he was convicted of raping the former girlfriend--who had provided his alibi in the murder case--and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. He is eligible for parole next fall.

Bouck was arrested on suspicion of slaying his wife shortly after the woman was killed, but was released uncharged for lack of evidence. Following his conviction for raping her, the woman told police that she had lied when she said that Bouck was with her when his wife was killed. She said Bouck confessed to her that he killed his wife and threatened to kill her if she told anyone, police said.

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