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Access HealthNet of Westlake Village Names New CEO


Steven Levy, a Washington D.C., lawyer and managing general partner of Threshold Technology Partners, has been named chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Access HealthNet Inc. of Westlake Village.

Access HealthNet provides computer-based health-care information management and communication systems for doctors' offices, hospitals, clinical labs, HMOs and nursing homes. It links health-care providers to one another by computer, allowing quick access to lab test results, patient and billing information, and other medical records.

Through Threshold Technology Partners, which owns about 20% of Access HealthNet, Levy took over the administrative and financial side of the Access operation in July. Since 1990, Threshold has provided funds from private investors, as well as administrative assistance, to technology-related businesses nationwide.

Access HealthNet, Levy said, is "perfectly positioned considering the emphasis on managed care and the need that health institutions have for data. There's an enormous need in the health-care community to have better information and faster information."

In June, Access HealthNet signed an agreement with Corning Clinical Laboratories to collaborate on the marketing and development of communications systems. Access HealthNet has also hooked up with Physicians Clinical Laboratories and Roche Biomedical Laboratories Inc.

"When you see a small company partnering up with big players, it tells you you have something that's worth a lot," Levy said. "I really wanted to move in quickly and take the [administrative] burden off these guys, clear the brush for them as quickly as possible."

Access HealthNet reported revenues of $8 million for fiscal 1995, an increase of 74% over fiscal 1994.

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