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School Days : Creative Writing 1000000001

August 06, 1995|R. Daniel Foster

UCLA Extension Writers' Program, which has long concocted designer courses that target the shifting whims of L.A. writers, has found a new market: the novice writer, who can now choose from "A workshop for the Aspiring Writer," "Getting Started: An Introductory Writing Workshop," "A Workshop for Those Who Have Gotten Started," "The Essential Beginnings," "A Beginner's Guide to Writing I and II," "Fiction for Absolute Beginners," "A Workshop for the Beginning Writer," "A Beginning Writers Workshop," "A Beginning Workshop," "Beginning at the Beginning ... " A few selections from the catalogue:

"The Essential Beginnings"--"Many aspire to write creatively, but few know how to get started."

"Finding Your Unique Voice"--"Through active and playful class participation, each student learns to listen for his/her own writing voice and how to let it speak."

"A Beginner's Guide to Writing I (Courage and Craft)"--"participants learn how to silence the negative inner critic and integrate writing into their daily lives."

"A Beginning Writers Workshop (Writing With Imagination)"--"How's your Muse? Enthused? Abused? Uncooperative ... ?"

"A Workshop for the Beginning Writer (Discovering the Creative Process)"--"Everyone is encouraged to work at his/her own pace."

Hmmmm. Let's see. First, I need to sharpen this gross of pencils, gaze out the window for two hours, listen for my writing voice, muzzle my inner critic ...

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