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Fast Facts : Can Do

August 06, 1995|Emily Gest

Maybe it's the weather, but Californians sure drink a lot. They also recycle the most aluminum and glass containers in the country.

Statewide total of aluminum containers recycled in 1994: 147,732 tons.

Statewide total of glass containers recycled in 1994: 433,856 tons.

Statewide total of recycled paper in 1994: 2.6 million tons.

Number of recycling-based manufacturers in California: 220.

Number of recyclers, collectors and processing facilities in California: 2,844.

Largest recycling center in California: Allen Company in Baldwin Park.

Number of aluminum, glass and plastic containers recycled there from February 1994 to February 1995: 66 million.

Estimated number of non-government recycling employees in California: 20,000.

Number of recycling programs in California in 1987: 150.

For The Record
Los Angeles Times Sunday September 10, 1995 Home Edition Los Angeles Times Magazine Page 8 Times Magazine Desk 2 inches; 40 words Type of Material: Correction
Because of an error in information provided by the California Department of Conservation, the redemption weights cited for aluminum and glass containers recycled in the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco ("Can Do," Palm Latitudes, Aug. 6) should have been in pounds.

In 1995: 700.


Redemption weights in tons:


Aluminum Glass Los Angeles 22,191,435.4 124,968,287.9 San Diego 7,153,493.6 23,616,960.5 San Francisco 3,184,642.3 24,054,607.1


Los Angeles solid waste recycled in one week in July: 6,777 tons.

City of Los Angeles waste sent to landfill in one week in July: 18,662 tons.

Revenue the city of Los Angeles loses to scavengers annually: $2.16 million.

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