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Smoky Issue

August 06, 1995

Regarding, "Study Pulls Alarm on Smoky Air in Las Vegas Casino," (Travel Insider, June 25):

The California casinos (poker or card rooms) seem to be at least twice as smoke-laden, if not more. The major clubs (Commerce, Bicycle, Hollywood Park and Normandie) are not quite as bad as the smaller clubs in nearby locations.

Considering that California has some of the strictest nonsmoking laws in America, it seems ridiculous that smoking is allowed in the card rooms. Not only is the general public affected but so is a large staff of employees.


Fountain Valley

Are congratulations in order? Christopher Reynolds couldn't find a real job so The Times is paying him to be a smoke policeman? I'm sick of people like him regurgitating Environmental Protection Agency propaganda and trying to impose your desires on business proprietors. Butt out.


Manhattan Beach

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