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Stade Brings Club Out of Closet--to Rave Reception

August 10, 1995|ROSE APODACA JONES | Rose Apodaca Jones is a free-lance writer who regularly contributes to the Times Orange County Edition.

No Saturday night in a long time around here has seen the kind of mob that turned out last weekend for the opening of the Club. The dance-o-rama at Jeffrey's restaurant and sports bar in Huntington Beach gave the trendy, 21-and-over jet set something to talk about the next morning.

It was obvious that the management and employees weren't prepared for such a successful night. The bartenders were scrambling to fill orders and the busboys rushed madly to restock the bars and beverage stands. The staff looked stunned, as well as deliriously exhausted.

As tickled were the patrons. At midnight, every inch of the place was crowded with partyers who kept on pushing through the throngs, gyrating on makeshift dance floors and making new friends.

Everyone's best friend is Billy Stade, the 25-year-old mastermind behind the Club, as well as owner of the Closet stores in Costa Mesa's the Lab and in downtown Huntington Beach. His track record in nightclubs includes one-nighter events in the name of snowboarding and skateboarding, as well as successful weekly jaunts at the Lava Room in Costa Mesa and the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach.

For the Club, Stade has collected three of the county's favorite deejays--Paul Moen, Beej and Mark Moreno--as well as less-established types who know their way around a turntable.

Stade's location choice was the three-month-old restaurant formerly known as Jeremiah's, ideally situated just off the 405. The building's set-up is a maze of rooms that allows for variety, says Stade.

The basement space is a narrow bar with floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one side and a corner parquet floor that fits three or four dozen dancers. Deafening house music thumps here all night-long by Jay & Daze and Beej.

Above ground, the sports bar is turned discotheque for the evening. Deejays Mark Moreno and, when he's not downstairs, Beej spin mostly funk and old school disco. Moreno's mix is a lot more imaginative than the playlist at his other regular haunts during the week.

Just after midnight, the recorded vibes break for the live music of the West Coast Harem, a sextet that cranks out savory rare grooves and is expected to become the Club's house band.

Up a flight of stairs is the billiards loft, with just enough room for three pool tables, Foosball and an ice box filled with bottled beer.

A backdoor leads to the dining area-turned-lounge with the aid of a few lava lights, speakers, and a deejay booth next to the salad bar. But don't let the temporary trappings put you off. It's the nightclub's gem: deejay Paul Moen waxes poetic with rare grooves on vinyl and compact disc.

Stade intends on turning this into a room for VIPs, so sneak a peak while it's still open to all.

Hopefully, management will also get the kitchen going while the club is in session. Dancing can work up an appetite.


* At Jeffrey's, 8901 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach.

* (714) 434-7544 or (714) 848-2662.

* Saturdays only, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

* Cover: $5.

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